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TMN Hair Care tips

Detox the hair and scalp at least once a month to help remove residue, product buildup, toxins and mineral deposits.
Deep conditioning the hair at least once a week helps to hydrate and strengthen the hair.
Moisturize and seal the hair as often as you need to. Water is our ultimate moisturizer; so don't be scared to use it. When I moisturize my hair, I like to spritz with water first. Next, I will apply the Aunt Cookie's MoistureCream and seal with either my Macadamia Butter or the Healing Hair Butter. Moisture evaporates -so it is very important to use a sealant (i.e. aloe vera juice, a light oil, or a butter/styling cream) after applying your moisturizer.​
If you're dealing with a dry scalp, dandruff or dull hair, treat your tresses to a hot oil treatment. Oils nourish the hair and scalp leaving the hair feeling soft. Massaging the scalp with warm oils increases blood circulation which in turn stimulates growth.
If you're dealing with frizz, use ACV as a rinse (2oz. ACV to 8oz. water) after rinsing your conditioner. You can leave it in or rinse it out - whichever you prefer.
Our hair does grow. Natural hair grows at different rates and lengths for everyone. The key to growth is “retaining length”. Growth is constant but the problem lies when that growth is not “retained” at the ends. The ends are the oldest part of the hair so we must keep them moisturized. After applying your moisturizer, make sure you seal in that moisture to prevent dryness; split ends and fairy knots (single strand knots).
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