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TEXTURE ME NATURAL TIPS: WK OF 6/9/2014 - 6/14/2014

TIP 1: The amount of sheen or shine that your hair has is mostly due to your texture. You may notice that women with a looser curl pattern tend to have a nice shine; where as those of us with a tighter curl pattern have more of a sheen. Light reflects differently on straight / loose curl patterns than it does on tighter/ more coily curl patterns. And remember -sheen nor shine- determines the health of your hair. Also, choosing products with a pH that is closer to our hair's normal pH (4-5.5), will give us a better curl pattern, a nice sheen, and minimize dryness, breakage and tangles. ~tj

TIP 2: If you're dealing with buildup, rinse the hair then spritz or pour sage tea over the hair. Massage it into the scalp and work it through the strands. Rinse then proceed with your normal regimen. Starting your regimen with a sage tea rinse will help remove residue and it will leave your hair soft and shiny. ~tj

TIP 3: If you have color treated hair, you'll want to be careful when it comes to using ACV rinses. You can either choose not to use them or limit the rinses to once a month. Using ACV rinses on a regular bases on colored treated hair will lead to the hair looking dry and brassy. The hair may also feel hard. ~tj

TIP 4: Using water and oil alone may not be enough to help your hair retain moisture. Add in a nice, creamy leave-in as your second layer of moisture -with water being the first- then seal.

TIP 5: Remember that out hair sheds about 50 to 100 strands a day. When you're wearing a protective style such as braids/twists (extensions) or a sew-in, the hair that's shedding doesn't have any where to fall. So, when you take your hair out of the protective style and start to detangle -don't panic- remember that 50 to 100 strands a day has accumulated within that protective style. It will look like a lot of hair but it's a lot of shed hair that wasn't able to fall the way it would on a regular day. Unless you're seeing bald spots I wouldn't worry too much. And it may take a few days to fully detangle/remove all of the shed hair. After taking down that protective style do both a protein treatment and a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment. ~tj

TIP 6: Whenever you're doing a protein treatment and a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment in the same session, always do the protein treatment first then follow the the moisturizing dc. ~tj

TIP 7: If you have problems with detangling, apply your conditioner in sections to dry hair. Cover the hair with a plastic cap and let the conditioner sit for about 15 minutes. The combination of the plastic cap and your body heat will create a steam effect and the conditioner will soften the hair. Remove the plastic cap then gently detangle from ends to roots. Start with your fingers (because your fingers can catch knots and tangles that your comb may miss or snag) then proceed with a tool if you'd like. ~tj

TIP 8: Dealing with frizz..... do hot oil treatments more often to infuse your strands with rich oils, smooth your strands, and add a nice shine to the hair.

TIP 9: Argan oil is a fatty oil rich in antioxidants, mostly vitamin E, that is great for frizz. It helps to lock in moisture and the vitamin E helps to heal the hair and scalp (from dryness).

TIP 10:


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